Kale–greens you can substitute if you don’t have kale

Kale = borecole = cow cabbage = kail   Pronunciation:   KAYL   Notes:  Kale is a kind of cabbage with dark green, wrinkled leaves.  It’s prized more for its hardiness than its flavor or delicacy, but it continues to be popular in the South, where it’s often cooked as a side dish.  Remove and discard the tough center stalks before cooking.  Varieties include curly kale, dinosaur kale = black cabbage = lacinato kale, and the popular Red Russian kale = ragged jack kaleSubstitutes:  collard greens (smooth leaves) OR rapini OR Swiss chard (This cooks more quickly than kale.) OR flowering kale OR cabbage OR napa cabbage OR kohlrabi leaves OR mustard greens OR spinach (in casseroles and souffles)